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1、 What is ISO14001?
ISO14001 is the second series of environmental management standards introduced by ISO. The goal of ISO14001 series of environmental management standards is to standardize the environmental behavior of all organizations, such as global enterprises and social groups, reduce environmental pollution caused by human activities, save resources to the maximum extent, improve environmental quality, maintain the coordination between environment and economy, promote the sustainable development of economy, and guarantee the global environmental safety through the implementation of these standards.
ISO14001 environmental management system is applicable to any organization. After passing the certification, it can be proved that the organization has reached the international level in environmental management, which is helpful for the enterprise to establish a good social image. The standard is designed to achieve a delicate balance between profitability and environmental protection, and can help you achieve both goals as long as the entire organization is fully committed.
2、 What can ISO14001 do for you?
① Meet regulatory requirements and reduce operational risk
② Prevention and control of pollution and improvement of environmental quality
③ Obtain the green pass to enter the market
④ Energy saving, emission reduction and sustainable development
3、 Certification consultation process:
Step 1: consult the teacher for the first visit, have a general understanding of the company, and make analysis and planning for the company.
Step 2: let employees understand the content of the standard and the feasibility of 14001, and train the company's principals and relevant personnel as internal auditors.
Step 3: consult the teacher's targeted guidance working group, prepare the flow chart, product description, determine the environmental factors and important environmental factors control, determine the policy, objectives, and organization, determine the system structure and the degree of standard terms adopted, prepare and revise the environmental management manual and control procedure documents.
Step 4: the consultant shall issue the documents of all departments of the company in summary and detail.
Step 5: formal operation of the system and full mobilization of the company. Carry out an internal trial audit, and then management review to improve.
Step 6: submit the application for formal review. The auditor puts forward opinions on the nonconformities for rectification. With the help of the consulting teacher, the enterprise can smoothly pass the rectification and closure, obtain evidence and make continuous improvement and efforts in the future.
4、 Information required for signing the contract
1. Business license, organization code certificate
2. The enterprise has special qualification, please provide (such as CCC, industrial production license, construction qualification, etc.)
3. Manual and procedure documents
4. Company profile, organization code certificate, process flow chart and executive standard
5. Plant plan
6. Discharge permit (when required)
7. EIA acceptance report
8. Declaration of compliance
9. List of major environmental factors
10. List of laws and regulations