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ISO Certification


1、 What is ISO9001?
ISO 9001 standard is a concept put forward by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987. It refers to the international standard formulated by ISO / TC176 (quality management and quality assurance timely Committee of the international organization for Standardization). The certified enterprises have proved that they have reached international standards in quality management and can provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products continuously and stably.
2、 What can ISO9001 do for you?
1) Improve quality awareness and product quality
2) Standardize behavior and improve work efficiency
3) Reduce costs and increase profits
4) Increase customer recognition and satisfaction, expand market share
5) Obtain market "Communication Certificate" and promote enterprise internationalization
6) Enhance competitiveness and achieve excellent development
3、 What are the benefits of implementing ISO9001?
competitive edge
ISO9001 should be led by top management to ensure that senior management can take a strategic approach to its management system. Our assessment and certification process ensures that business objectives are consistently incorporated into your processes, and our work practices ensure that you maximize your assets.
Improve business performance and manage operational risk
ISO9001 helps your managers improve organizational performance, leaving competitors who do not use the management system behind. Through certification, it is also easy to measure performance and better manage operational risk.
Attract investment, improve brand reputation and eliminate trade barriers
ISO9001 certification will enhance your organization's brand reputation, and can become a useful promotional tool. It sends a clear message to all stakeholders: This is a company committed to high standards and continuous improvement.
Save money
Relevant evidence shows that those who invest in the quality management system and pass the ISO 9001 certification can obtain a number of financial benefits, including improved operational efficiency, increased sales volume, increased return on assets and increased profit margin.
Streamline operations and reduce waste
The assessment of quality management system focuses on operation process. This encourages organizations to improve the quality of products and services and helps to reduce waste and customer complaints.
Encourage internal communication and improve staff morale
ISO9001 ensures communication improvement, so as to increase employees' awareness of participation. Continuous assessment visits highlight skill shortages and expose team collaboration issues more quickly.
Improve customer satisfaction
ISO9001's "plan, implement, check and act" structure ensures that customer needs are considered and met.
4、 Certification consultation process
Step 1: consult the teacher for the first visit, have a general understanding of the company, and make analysis and planning for the company.
Step 2: let employees understand the content of the standard and the feasibility of 9001, and train the company's principals and relevant personnel as internal auditors.
Step 3: consult the teacher's targeted guidance working group, prepare the flow chart, product description, determine the key control points, determine the policies, objectives, commitments and organizations, determine the system structure and the degree of standard terms adopted, and prepare and revise the management manual and procedure documents.
Step 4: the consultant shall issue the documents of all departments of the company in summary and detail.
Step 5: formal operation of the system and full mobilization of the company. Carry out an internal trial audit, and then management review to improve.
Step 6: submit the application for formal review. The auditor puts forward opinions on the nonconformities for rectification. With the help of the consulting teacher, the enterprise can smoothly pass the rectification and closure, obtain evidence and make continuous improvement and efforts in the future.
5、 Information required for signing the contract
1. Copies of business license and organization code certificate;
2. Company profile, organization chart, list of persons with responsibilities and authorities of department head;
3. Customer service contract (customer name, product name, quantity, signing date), at least two contracts;
4. Quality manual, procedure documents and various existing management systems implemented by the company, and completed form documents;
5. Supplier's name, address, telephone number and relevant form records of purchased corresponding products;
6. Name of general manager, quality director, telephone, fax and zip code of the company;